Testimonials for Dr. Drew Sinatra

I have had Lyme and co-infections for 15 years and have seen many LLMD’s but was not getting well. Dr. Sinatra started treating me 5 months ago. He is very knowledgeable, kind, caring, patient and doctor who is easy to talk to and explains everything clearly. He has been gradually adding different herbs and supplements as my health improves. He adjusts my protocol each visit, explaining why he adds one and and has me stop taking another. Each month I am feeling better in fact, this is the best that I have felt in 15 years! If I have any questions, I can text him and he replies promptly. I find this type of service very valuable. I live a few hours away from his office and I can have a phone appointment rather than driving to his office. This is another plus for me. I highly recommend Dr. Sinatra. He is awesome.
— Gloria B., Ukiah, CA
My personal health journey has been heavily supported by Dr Sinatra. What started as weight loss goals has morphed over the years into improvements across so many aspects of health and it’s Dr Sinatra’s advice, guidance and support that is so helpful. What’s most powerful is the sustainability of the lifestyle we designed together for me, utilizing the latest research and newest data. I’ll listen to a podcast, run the info by him and together we’ll decide if it’s relevant and actionable. Dr Sinatra is also just a kind spirit which makes the whole process so much more enjoyable.
— Adam G., Mill Valley, CA
I am a patient of Dr. Drew Sinatra’s and have had a good experience working with him to treat my medical issues. He is prompt with communications and ordering prescription refills, and is very knowledgeable and easy to work with! He also knows a lot about alternative approaches to treating autoimmune and digestive disorders unlike conventional doctors. Highly recommend his services!
— Tina F., Oakland, CA
He is kind and thorough and really cares. He also answers all email promptly and is humble. He helped me. A great guy!
— Ken L., Berkeley, CA
Dr. Sinatra really knows his stuff! He changed my medication and has guided me every step of the way. He is thinking outside the box and testing for things that other doctors don’t think of. I’m well on track to be better and see this lifestyle change actually sticking for the long haul. Thank you, Dr. Sinatra!
— Kathrin, H., San Mateo, CA
18 months ago, my body had had enough. I found myself in a very fragile state like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I was a total mess, and it was scary! In desperation, I contacted Clear Center of Health in Mill Valley, and was connected with Dr. Sinatra. I remember my first appointment and how anxious I was... And how I was met with such kindness and compassion from Dr. Sinatra. So happy to say that with the help of his gentle guidance and wisdom, at 35 I now feel the strongest and most solid I’ve ever felt. He got to the root of the issue, and helped treat all symptoms along the way. He is extremely knowledgeable, down to earth and doesn’t waste any time. I am so very grateful for his help along this wellness journey, and I would happily recommend him to anyone with any health concern, big or small!
— Megan S., San Rafael, CA
Dr. Sinatra is a fantastic naturopath! He was able to help my autoimmune disease with a new treatment of a low dose/no side effect medication that began working in just a few weeks. Forever grateful.
— Shani H., Ross, CA