Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Treatment

The world of Lyme disease is filled with controversy, fear, and lots of uncertainty. Fortunately, I’ve had the luxury of training with some of the world’s most prominent Lyme doctors through ILADS, and my travels abroad, to learn and understand more about this mystery illness. I now have 9 years under my belt in Lyme disease treatment, helping hundreds of Lyme patients by using primarily a natural medicine approach. 

It is in fact a real illness, and affects many more Americans than was once thought. For some, the illness can be devastating. For others, it can present as “something just isn’t right with how I feel.” Regardless of the severity, it can be successfully treated, and usually does not require long-term antibiotic use (there are exceptions of course). Lyme is often accompanied by co-infections (bartonella, babesia, etc.), imbalances, or other illnesses, so there is so much more to treat than just a bacterial infection. 

I tend to use a multifactorial approach to treating Lyme which may include herbal medicines, immune and detoxification supportive therapies, gut support, hormonal (thyroid, adrenal) support, and I also focus a lot on diet, nutrition, and lifestyle. In fact, addressing lifestyle factors like chronic stress can be just as important as reducing the microbial burden in the body. And let us not forget that mold and mycotoxin illness can present almost IDENTICAL as lyme disease, so I always inquire about mold exposure to rule this cause out.