Health Is a Journey, Not a Destination

Dr. Drew Sinatra is a Board Certified and Licensed Naturopathic Doctor who helps identify and treat the underlying causes of illness using a blend of natural and conventional therapies. He treats a broad range of patients with complex conditions, including autoimmune disease, Lyme disease and co-infections, mold illness, gastrointestinal complaints, hormonal issues, thyroid adrenal dysfunction and weight gain.

Dr. Sinatra founded Inspire Naturopathic Medicine along with his wife, Dr. Briana Sinatra, based on the idea that the path to health and healing is easier to follow when you are inspired. Inspiration fosters motivation, and motivation helps drive you to work harder, and do things you normally wouldn’t do (e.g. learn to cook amazing and healthy meals, meditate, or join a yoga studio).

When your brain is not functioning well, or your digestion is poor, or energy is low, it’s often difficult to find the spark deep down inside that ignites your passion to feel more vital. At Inspire Naturopathic Medicine we work with you to help inspire and foster that drive, so that you create your vision of health.

We want you to THRIVE!

One of the fundamentals of treating complex chronic disease is understanding and addressing the underlying causes. Symptoms are often like alarms going off within the body; finding out WHY the alarm is going off is the more important question to answer.

The alarms, or symptoms, will point you in the right direction, and help uncover the underlying causes of disease. As naturopathic doctors, it’s our role to do detective work to help figure out what those causes are, and treat them using a blend of natural and conventional medicines.